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United Company for Veterinary Medicines Industry (UNIVET) is one of the leading accredited GMP veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the United Arab Emirates with over 90 registered products and a business network covering the Gulf region, Middle East and African countries. Our production line covers feed additives, medicinal oral powder and liquid, capsules, ointments, disinfectants and sanitizers.


Over 90 registered products ranging from powder, liquid, ointment and paste.


Gulf State Countries, Iraq, Pakistan and other parts of MENA

Company Standards

We are in continuous research and development of innovative veterinary solutions from around the world to launch products that achieved world-class standards, which created UNIVET’s brand and prestige in the domestic and international market.

An array of resources

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clients, ranging from animal owners, clinics, pharmacies to to commercial farms.

United Company for Veterinary Medicines Industry

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United Arab Emirates

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